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Introduction of HASABON Staff

Takahiro Kosaka


After building a career as a French chef in France and at Augu de Jules Merveille, he gained experience at a Japanese restaurant in order to learn how to handle fish and other Japanese cooking techniques.


By fusing French techniques and Japanese ingredients, he is demonstrating his originality with cuisine that blends Japanese and Western styles to suit the Japanese body.


Kaori Sasaki

​HASABON tea sommelier

Japanese tea instructor

tea expert.

Worked as a chef at Italian and Japanese restaurants for about 13 years. At the 2022 Encha Championship, he was highly evaluated for his skill in making tea, his performance, and his ability to communicate, and won the Grand Prix. It conveys the possibilities of tea in an easy-to-understand and fun way.


Kentaro Iwasaki

service manager

After working at a hotel in Tokyo, Kihachi, and Shimane Italian Rocciadoro, he will work at Hasavon as a service from March 2023. He is familiar with Italian wines and is currently researching natural wines. We keep in mind to have you spend comfortably with characteristic smile.

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